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Subsidy application support


Effective use of subsidies for business promotion

Various investments are required to promote the business of hotels and inns. By skillfully using subsidies, it is possible to reduce the burden of investment and lower the hurdles.

At Yado Visor, we use our past support experience to support the formulation of subsidized business plans, introduce the selection of contractors for project implementation, and support the formulation of plans not only for subsidies but also for various management enhancements. I will.

Adoption cases in the past

So far, we have been adopted for the following projects by supporting companies. (This is an example)

  • Business restructuring subsidy

  • Small Business Sustainability Subsidy

  • Subsidies for manufacturing, commerce, and services

  • IT introduction subsidy

  • Subsidies for promotion of barrier-free accommodation facilities

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable round-trip tourism promotion project

  • Temporary subsidy for digital utilization business for small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Approval of management innovation plan

  • Collaborative Business Continuity Strengthening Plan Certification

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