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Management improvement support


Consulting according to your request together with the management

We will consider management issues together with management and cooperate in implementing countermeasures.

Formulation of management plans for the future, execution of management improvement plans, cooperation in course correction, etc.

Not only formulating plans, but also internal improvement with the strength of "on-site power"

​We will support you.

Areas of support work

Improve profitability

In order to improve the profitability of inns, it is necessary to work on both "sales expansion" and "expenditure reduction".
In order to increase sales, it is necessary to consider whether to increase the number of customers or increase unit prices, and to reduce costs, it is necessary to take multifaceted measures such as reviewing costs and purchases and improving the efficiency of service operations. . We identify points that should be strengthened or improved according to the characteristics and situation of the inn, and assist in efforts to improve profitability.

Sales Promotion

We will strengthen online sales promotions, such as utilizing OTA and responding to inbound demand. Our web marketing specialists will support you in considering your sales policy, and will even consider specific sales promotion methods and operational aspects.

On-site improvement

Taking advantage of our strength "on-site capabilities",We listen to the voices of ryokans and hotels on the ground and support problem solving together with the management.

  • Review of service operations (reservations, front desk, guest rooms, etc.)

  • Advice on facility maintenance and selection of fixtures and fittings

  • Maintenance of operation manual

  • Standardization of work and maintenance of work system


Systemization support

"Front accounting system", "reservation site controller", "attendance management system", "chat tool", etc.Utilizing the utilization of IT systems in the operation of inns and hotels, we will consider, introduce, and support various systems so that they can play a major role in efficiency, labor saving, and quality improvement.

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    Three Steps    

We will propose feasible solutions according to the stage of accommodation facility concerns.

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