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From management diagnosis of hotels and inns to market research

By analyzing the current situation of hotels and inns and extracting issues,

We will help you formulate a plan for the future.

In addition, based on the diagnosis results, we will also support management cooperation and capital investment cooperation for realization.

We also receive inquiries from management support organizations and administrative agencies regarding market surveys and needs surveys for accommodation facilities.

​We will respond.

management diagnosis

We provide comprehensive diagnostic services covering all aspects of business management.

After analyzing your company's management data, we will visit the site, conduct a field survey, and make a diagnosis.

  • Analysis of product strength as a facility - Understanding the current situation
    (Analysis of financial/sales data, confirmation of sales flow, interviews with executives, etc.)

  • Market Analysis - Industry and Market Environment Trends
    (Industry trends, changes in travel patterns, income and expenditure structure, comparison with prosperous facilities, etc.)

  • Verification of product competitiveness - confirmation of positioning and product concept
    (customer base and products offered, operating system, income and expenditure balance, organizational structure)

  • Verification of sales force
    (Sales strategy, customer base, product grade, management policy)


*The amount will be determined according to the purpose of the request, the scope of work, the number of visits, the period, and other conditions.
*Please submit the necessary documents in advance.

team task
Revealing Graphs

    Three Steps    

We will propose feasible solutions according to the stage of accommodation facility concerns.

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